Heating and Cooling Tips


Heating Tips You Can Really Use

 If you don’t have a programmable thermostat yet, get one! Lowering your temperature during the day when no one is home and at night when everyone’s asleep and snug under the blankets can save you significant amounts of money each month. A programmable thermostat takes care of changing the temperature automatically; you don’t have to do a thing.

Change your filter regularly; Your furnace will run much more efficiently if the filter is clean and it will also do wonders for your indoor air quality too. Check out Quality Heating’s PMA’s and warranties for any maintenance discounts.

Seal the air leaks in your home; it’s healthy to open windows for a few hours a day and let the fresh air in – even in the winter time! But constantly leaking is sucking heated air right tout of your home 24/7. Look out for trouble spots such as around exterior doorways and windows, then take the necessary steps to seal those spots.

Clean your air ducts; do you know what’s in your duct system? We forget that dust, dirt, toys, or other small objects get trapped in duct systems restricting air flow and hurting indoor air quality. Maintaining your filter cleaning and unit maintenance is a great way to keep these allergies at bay.


Cooling Tips For Summer Comfort

Pay as much attention to air conditioner maintenance as you do to furnace maintenance. During the busy months, replace the filter monthly and be sure to have a Quality Heating professional come out and do an inspection before summer heat sets in: you’ll enjoy trouble-free cooling all season long.

When installing a new unit, make sure to place the condenser away from plants and shrubs, since the unit needs surrounding free air space to operate at peak efficiency.
To reduce your energy bills over the long term, plant plenty of trees and shrubs on the west and south sides of your home. Studies suggest that this one act can actually save the average homeowner up to 30% in cooling cost!Take the time to close your blinds or drapes during the hottest part of the day.



Fireplace Tips That Keep You Cozy

 To keep your fireplace running in tip top most efficient shape have a certified technician service and clean your fireplaces at least once a year.

If you smell any kind of gas shut the units off and call a certified technician immediately to come check out your units.

If you have a wood fireplace or stove the chimney needs to be cleaned regularly to insure safety and to be the most efficient.

Do not operate a gas fireplace without the glass installed correctly into place.



  1. Always remember when changing your batteries on your remote for your fireplace to always change the batteries in the receiver as well.


When it comes to Idaho Falls heating, cooling, and fireplace, you can trust the professionals at Quality Heating & The Fireplace Shop to give you more tips on how to keep your family comfortable in any season.